from the Villages

“I had recently moved here from Boston and didn’t know how things worked in Florida for my Medicare and other insurance. Thank goodness I met Cindy! She was so helpful and has done this for such a long time. She really knows how it all works. My plan here is working out great. I can use it even when I go back home as I have a doctor I still see in Boston. She understood that and made sure I could do that. Thanks Cindy!”


from The Villages

“I was nervous about turning 65 after receiving so much stull in my mailbox. It was all so confusing and I didn’t know which way to go. My agent explained all of my options and I decided to go with a Medicare Supplement and a drug plan. I am very happy with my plan and confident that I made the right decision. She made is so easy for me to understand.”


from Tavares

“No pressure at all from these folks. I went to an educational meeting and learned so much. It was exactly what I needed. They really know their stuff better than two other agents I had previously worked with. They simply told me how everything works from drug plans, out of state coverage and even got me a better dental plan than I had before. Great company. “


from Mt. Dora

“I have limited income and special needs. I thought Medicaid was my only option. I was able to find a plan for zero cost that used Medicare and Medicaid and gives me even more benefits. My agent helped me through the entire process of applying for extra benefits.”


from Ocoee

“I have been working with my agent for several years before I turned 65. She kept telling me that everything would be ok with Medicare. I was worried about changing over. It has been a year now and my plan is working great. I also got a small final expense plan for my family which gives my great peace of mind. Thank you!”